a little

About the Authors

This duo consists of first-time authors on their first project together.

 At the tail end of 2019, both women walked away from predictable income. 2020 sounded like a good year to flesh out passion and purpose. With a leap of faith, sufficient late nights, square eyes and video calls, this book became reality.

 Now they’re friends.


After resigning as a primary teacher, Nicole humoured the notion of finally finishing one of the numerous books she’d started writing. She didn’t… and ended up writing entirely new prose, accidentally starting a mini series.

She felt strongly about having intentional conversations with children. Enough so, that helping families engage in them seemed important enough to pursue. Writing children’s books unified her passions for education, good conversation, and a gathered family.

Apparently, authorship was flexible enough to dabble in, amidst over-time studies in motherhood and part-time observations of the human psyche.


With a stubborn desire to creatively circulate joy, Selina immersed herself in design. Studied it, worked in graphics, screen printing and was constantly drawn to creative processes. 

Then, decidedly devoted a year to studying the why rather than the how. Her honing in on the purpose of creativity was interrupted amplified by a text from Nicole. After knocking back two prior requests to illustrate books, availability arose to agree to the third. 

And with it, the opportunity to add colour to the dulled scenes faced by families everywhere. Illustrating hope, as it turns out, starts with the young and never gets old.